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The two biggest hurdles that prevent people from eating more plant-based food are - you guessed it - flavor and convenience.   "If all plant-based food tastes like this, I am ready to turn vegan today!" Every time we hear a friend saying this, the commitment to bringing to you the best tasting plant-based food with the easiest preparation increases.  For this exact purpose, VeganUs was founded by David and Jessie, a couple of plant-based foodies.  One visionary and analytical, and one enthusiastic and artistic; one deep in engineering and production, and one with the most sensitive taste buds and most creative hands.  The results?  Simply delicious!

We hope our plant-based food will become your stepping stone towards an increasingly natural, healthy, and wholesome diet.


The Strategic and Analytical One

With a Ph.D. in Engineering from MIT and the experience of studying diabetes at Harvard Medical School, David understands both the importance of plant-based diet in addressing chronic diseases and the “sausage-making” to create the best plant-based food.

Dr. David K. M.

The Intuitive and
Sensible one

Jessie, on the other hand, has been an avid vegan cook for more than a decade. With a Master’s degree in marketing from Boston University, she found out that her true passion is in plant-based food and therefore studied plant-based nutrition at Cornell.

Jessie J. C.

The Creative and
Artistic one

Joanna, the daughter of David and Jessie, is the artistic mind behind the brand. She conceives brand image, develops marketing and social media strategy, implements trade shows, and actively participates in product and recipe design and development.

Joanna J. M.

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